Contemplative practice that integrates Meditation, Dance Improvisation and Dharma Art to synchronize body mind, connect with your inherent creativity, and manifest your authentic presence. Open to everybody!

Created by Helena Pellisé

In today's society in which we live, a contemplative practice like this, based on a sensitive body and connected to the present, can be of great individual and social benefit. Recover a sacred space as human beings from where we can share, play and enjoy direct experience.


  • Dance Improvisation (movement): Physical body. Dance Improvisation gives us tools to hold ourselves in the space of 'not knowing' and compose our dance in the present moment. Physical work to unlock, to bring body awareness and to create new possibilities of movement in an organic and friendly way. You can read more here.
  • Meditation (stillness): Mental body. Meditation helps us to have more mental clarity and for our energy to flow better in our body. It connects us to our basic goodness and provides us with the peace and confidence necessary to let ourselves be who we really are rather than who we think or would like to be. 
  • Dharma Art (energy): Emotional body. Dharma Art is a series of Buddhist teachings offered by meditation master and artist Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche that explore the creative process from the awakened and conscious view of a meditative discipline. They can be applied to any artistic discipline. You can read more here.

  • Enhance individual and collective creativity in order to connect with our essence-presence. Develop an intuitive listening that goes from the inside out.
  • Explore the dynamics of relationship with ourselves (individual body), others (social body) and our environment (global body) to communicate from an authentic place.
  • Learn to trust in the experience of the present moment, holding ourselves in the "not knowing" and fully embodying our vital dance.
  • Enjoy the game of improvisation, play with the present moment in a creative way, and connect with the joy of living and increase our well-being.


OPEN to everybody, with and without experience in dance and/or meditation, who are interested in exploring themselves through the body-mind to awaken greater body awareness and mental clarity. It can be a tool for both creative expression and personal growth. The resources offered by this methodology can be applied in our personal and professional fields (artistic, pedagogical, therapeutic).



The sessions begin with a first part of movement to connect with our body, then continue with meditation to let us feel in the present moment and end with a third dynamic of Contemplative Movement where the material from this methodology is gradually introduced .

This methodology is based on the Dharma Art principles of Heaven-Earth-Humanity triad, also known as Space-Form-Energy. We explore these three types of presence and how the creative process manifests them in their natural order. These principles continue to be explored through the different energy patterns with which the 5 natural elements can manifest: Water-Earth-Fire-Air-Space and how they are related to each other in the form of a mandala.

We apply these principles to the body and movement as a medium of creative expression. We create individual and group 'little dances' that inform us and open reflections that generate bridges from study to our daily life. We learn an important role in this work which is the 'witness' or viewer, as an essential element for this presence to become visible and be appreciated without judgment. A respectful and protected space is created, where a sacred and direct experience can appear.





Heaven: 'Space in the body'

Introduction to meditation (sitting and walking) and meditation in action through movement dynamics that hold this contemplative state. We connect with a sensitive body that listens from the inside out. This first element focuses on the individual presence and its dance in the here and now. We introduce an important role in this work, which is the 'witness' or observer, as an essential element for this presence to become visible and be appreciated. We explore and become aware of the influence that space has and create new ways of moving within.

Earth: 'Form between the bodies'

Shape needs space. In this second element we focus on the relationship-dance of polarities and the dynamics that are created between heaven and earth. Our relationship patterns become visible and we have the opportunity to play with them so that they naturally transform into new, lighter and fresher forms. At a physical and group level we explore the time in the body. Time in movement is rhythm. We pay attention to the silence-pause to work with the musicality of our dance and we co-create dialogues in the form of 'little dances' in duo.

Humanity: 'Energy in the dance' 

The third element integrates the other two. This element is what makes heaven and earth dance and unites them. Through the game that appears naturally we explore the physicality of our body through qualities of movement. We enhance the particularities of each body, we enjoy our dance. Being in the here and now with our physical body, we are present. We work in group dance compositions, creating different game relationships between the three basic elements: space-form-energy; and how to play with the interplay of their energies. We create 'little dances' in trio and in group. 



Deepening work in the 3 principles of Heaven-Earth-Humanity through the different energetic patterns with which they can manifest. For that, we introduce to the 5 natural elements: Water-Earth-Fire-Air-Space. We explore how they are related to each other in the form of a mandala through the actions carried out by each element within the creative process. We always use body and movement as a medium of creative expression, and we are introduced to the visualization tool. We create 'little dances' that symbolize our mandala or 'ordered chaos' in motion.



[ENG] "Helena's class is a beautiful creative experience. She has a lovely way of setting up a comfortable environment in order to explore this very personal movement approach. It is a perfect class to find new possibilities through improvisation." Danielle Dugas 

[ESP] "Tuve la oportunidad de participar en un taller y me encantó, no solo por la técnica con la que se aprenden muchas cosas sobre una misma, sino también por Helena, magnifica guiadora respetuosa y afectuosa, tiene magia y su movimiento enamora! Gracias Helena." Alba Tao