Dance Improvisation

Dance Improvisation Laboratory to develop the presence of the body through the poetics of movement. 

Workshop focus:

> To promote individual and collective creativity in order to find personal resources and creation tools.  
> To explore the physicality of our body through the qualities of movement to discover the particularities of each one and enjoy our dance.


This proposal follows a methodology where the three basic elements for the instantant composition are progressively worked: space-time-body, as well as the relationship between them. We will emphasize the stage space to work in group the composition and its dynamics. We will learn to move in the "not knowing", to recognize the character of the scene, to sustain to develop our intention, and to observe and be observed.

> Space in the body: Exploration of the space element through patterns of movement. We will learn to observe, recognize and share the different spaces while being present with our body in the "here". We will become aware of the influence that space has on us and with this we will create new ways of moving in it. We will emphasize the scenic space to work in a group the spatial composition and its dynamics.

> Time in the body: The composition in the body in movement is time. The time in movement is rhythm. In this intensive we will explore the instantaneous composition through the time element, the temporal dynamics and their variations. We will pay great attention to the silence-pause to work the rhythm of our movement. The practice of listening to our time helps us to become aware of when we are present in the "now".

> From the body to the dance: In this intensive we will explore the physicality of our body through the qualities of movement. We will enhance the particularities of each one, we will enjoy our dance. Being in the "here and now" with our physical body, we are present. We will work individually and in a group the instantaneous composition and recognizing the character of each scene creating relationships between the three basic elements in scene: space-time-body.


Open to anyone interested in exploring their physicality through improvisation as a tool for both creative expression and personal and corporal improvement, with or without experience.